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Health News
March 1, 2019
Privia: The Clear Choice for Health Care

If you’re a patient looking for a doctor, you have a lot of choices out there.  There are more than 17,000 physicians practicing in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, in dozens of specialty areas.  These days, many physicians are affiliated with one of the major hospital systems in the region.  There are still some independent practices, but fewer than there used to be. 

Privia Medical Group North Texas (PMGNTX) is different than most other provider groups in the DFW area.  It provides its physician members with core administrative services, freeing them up from the paperwork and red tape that is all too common in medicine today.  Yet, unlike a practice controlled or influenced by an outside interest such as a hospital system or venture capital group, PMGNTX physicians run their practices the way they see fit.  This model puts the patient first.  

“Physicians join Privia because they love practicing medicine.  They want to spend more time with their patients and get away from bureaucracy of health care,” says Dr. Larry Tatum, PMGNTX President and CEO.   “Our physician members get to maintain their independence and provide their patients with the type of care they know is best. That is a big advantage for our patients.” 

For a patient looking to establish a relationship with a primary care provider or identify a specialist, the choices can certainly be overwhelming and there are a variety of factors to consider.  These are some of the key factors any patient should consider when looking for a provider and why a PMGNTX physician is a good choice:


PMGNTX includes more than 300 providers in more than 30 specialty areas across seven North Texas counties. 

Patients First

PMGNTX physicians are laser-focused on their patients’ health and wellness and set high standards for themselves.  PMGNTX focuses on proactive team-based and evidence-based care, utilizing the latest technologies and advancements in medicine.  Having a medical home should mean something, and that’s why the patient is always the central focus and can expect unhurried, comprehensive visits that allow the time necessary to develop an individualized care plan. 

Patient wellness is always the top priority at PMGNTX.  “We’re going to treat our patients when they’re sick but we’re also going to tailor our care to keep you from getting sick in the first place,” says Dr. Jason Ledbetter, an internal medicine physician.  

Patients clearly appreciate the PMGNTX approach:  in a 2018 customer satisfaction survey, 96.6 percent of patients said they would recommend their doctor to their friend. 


There is nothing worse than having to worry if your health care provider is in-network with your insurance coverage. PMGNTX providers are in-network with all major health insurance carriers in North Texas


One of the frustrations both patients and doctors have with hospital system-affiliated practices is that the patient is essentially forced into having any surgeries, procedures or labs done at that particular hospital and its affiliated locations. 

“At Privia, many of our physician members have admitting privileges at multiple hospitals and they are all free to pursue privileges wherever they like,” explains Dr. Joseph Milne, an orthopedic surgeon.  “This provides greater flexibility, convenience and health care quality for our patients.” 


PMGNTX physicians are nationally-recognized as some of the top in their fields.  Each year, dozens of PMGNTX physicians are listed on peer-selected “Top Doctors” lists across the Metroplex, due to their reputations as leaders in their fields of medicine. 


PMGNTX patients have 24/7 access to their secure health records.  They also have the ability to request prescription refills online, request and receive same-day/next day appointments and receive care reminders and alerts.  Patients can also send and receive secure messages with their care teams and make secure, online payments.


PMGNTX physicians and employees work hard to make North Texas a better place to live. They routinely volunteer their time and skills to various community causes and events, such as the Presbyterian Night Shelter, American Heart Association and the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, just to name a few. 

Put Privia in Your Corner

Remember, good health care starts with a relationship with a primary care provider and establishing a medical home.  That medical home is there to make you better if you get sick – but it should also work just as hard to keep you well.  If you’re looking for a doctor, take a look at the PMGNTX list of providers and find one near you.  

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