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Texas Health Care, P.L.L.C. is a multi-specialty physician group practice, owned and governed by physicians, for physicians. By standardizing and sharing many administrative elements of the business of medicine that do not directly impact patient care, Texas Health Care physicians are able to spend more time with their patients, delivering high-quality and personalized care. Learn More
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Under the leadership of two Texas Health Care members, Tarrant County's public hospital, John Peter Smith (JPS), is making advances in the way it handles patients who have, or are suspected of having, brain injuries.
Just as patients have a right - and responsibility - to know detailed information about their health care, they have a right to know certain information about those who provide it.  At Texas Health Care, we believe it is a best practice to provide our patients with as much information as possible, both about their care and the business of health care.
For most people, the thought of summertime evokes great memories and the hope of more to come.  For children, of course, it means no school - summer vacation! For their parents, summer means that the annual family vacation is drawing near, the time when priceless family memories are made.
Texas Health Care was founded to allow doctors to be doctors. Our priority is simple: provide quality care to our patients.
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