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Texas Health Care was founded to allow doctors to be doctors.

At Privia Medical Group North Texas (PMGNTX), the patient comes first. Always. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional care to every patient, every time.We think that’s what health care should be about – outstanding patient care that not only makes you better when you’re sick but works just as hard to keep you well.

PMGNTX gives our physicians the autonomy and resources to provide top-quality health care to patients – and as a result, our physicians are laser-focused on their patients’ health and wellness. Our proactive, evidence-based care utilizes the latest technologies and advancements in medicine. Having a medical home should mean something, and that’s why the patient is always the central focus and can expect unhurried, comprehensive visits that allow the time necessary to develop an individualized care plan.

Our more than 150 doctors are routinely recognized by their patients and their peers as some of the best in their fields. With physicians caring for patients in nearly 30 specialty areas – and with locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex – PMGNTX stands ready to meet your family’s health care needs.

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With locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

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You’ve probably heard of inflammation – but what is it, exactly? Put simply, inflammation is part of the body’s immune response. When our immune system detects an injury – like a cut on your arm – or an intruder, such as bacteria or a virus, it dispatches inflammatory cells to deal with the threat. These


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Introducing the New

Welcome to our new website! Privia Medical Group North Texas (PMGNTX) – Texas Health Care has completely revamped our website to better serve patients. “At Privia/Texas Health Care, our patients come first.  That’s why our physician members wanted to create a new website that was built with our patients’ needs and convenience in mind,” explains

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