General Surgery in Fort Worth, TX

General surgeons are trained on a variety of surgical techniques and are prepared to handle both emergency and planned surgical needs. 

Many surgeries today are performed on a minimally invasive basis.  In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon performs the surgery by making three or four small incisions and then inserting small tools and a thin, flexible tube with a video camera on the end.  The images from the camera are displayed on a television monitor that the surgeon utilizes to see inside the patient’s body and guide the surgical instruments accordingly.  This process results in less cutting on the patient and therefore, minimal scarring.   Laparoscopic surgery also provides the advantage of reduced blood loss and decreased risk of infection.  Recovery time is faster and hospital stays are shorter.  

Surgical robotics provide for another minimally invasive surgical method.  With robotics-assisted surgery, the surgical instruments and camera are inserted in the patient in a manner similar to laparoscopic surgery.  The surgeon controls the surgical instruments through a sophisticated series of controls while viewing a 3-D image on the screen. 

Common surgeries performed by general surgeons include: