Services We Provide

At Privia Medical Group North Texas (PMGNTX), our more than 150 doctors are routinely recognized by their patients and their peers as some of the best in their fields.

With physicians caring for patients in nearly 30 specialty areas–and with locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex–PMGNTX stands ready to meet your family’s health care needs. All of our physicians are in-network with major insurance plans in North Texas. You can search our directory for doctors by location, specialty area, or name. Whether you are looking for a new primary care provider to establish your medical home with or in need of a specialist to help with a specific health concern, we have you covered.

Primary Care

Your primary care provider (PCP) is who you see on a regular basis for your healthcare needs. Yes, that means treating you when you’re sick with the occasional sinus infection or stomach bug–but it should also mean working to keep you healthy in the first place.
primary care

Surgical Specialties

If you or a family member require surgery, you want to see a surgeon who is an expert in their specialty area. Surgical specialists are trained and experienced in specific areas, often going through additional education after medical school to become board-certified in certain surgeries or surgical techniques. Many of these surgeons specialize in minimally invasive surgery, such as laparoscopic and robotic surgery. Minimally invasive procedures reduce recovery time, length of hospital stays and risk of infection.

Medical Specialties

Sometimes, a primary care provider will refer a patient to a medical specialist for diagnosis and treatment of a health condition. The specialist is a physician who has specific training, education and certifications in a specialized field of medicine. Usually, this means they focus on specific areas or functions of the human body.
Medical Specialists