Sports Medicine Services

Sports medicine doctors are well-trained and educated on the human musculoskeletal system.  Some are also orthopedic surgeons, but the field of sports medicine generally focuses on the non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.  In fact, roughly 90% of sports injuries do not require surgical treatment. 

Sports medicine doctors also work with patients on strategies to reduce the risk of injuries in the first place.  Many injuries they see could have been prevented – that’s true of injuries sustained on the field or court, as well as injuries not related to sports, like falling off a ladder.  Proper precautions are the key to reducing the risk of injuries. 

Some of the conditions sports medicine doctors treat include:

PMGNTX has sports medicine doctors conveniently located throughout North Texas.  Privia’s sports medicine doctors are routinely recognized by both their patients and their peers as some of the best in their fields in the DFW area