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Texas Health Care was founded to allow doctors to be doctors.

We work with
150+ physicians
The group has no outside ownership, venture capital or hospital interest.

About Texas Health Care

Texas Health Care, P.L.L.C. is a multi-specialty physician group practice, equally owned by its physician members and is governed by physicians, for physicians. We currently have a membership of more than 200 physicians across North Texas. 

Texas Health Care is a professional limited liability company. Each physician is a member and equal owner of the company, which is taxed like a partnership (with a single taxpayer identification). There is no outside ownership, venture capital or hospital interest, and Texas Health Care employs no physicians. 

We welcome interested physicians of all specialties to apply for membership. As each member equally shares ownership in the company, there are several benefits to consider. Because Texas Health Care is physician-owned and operated, your interests and practice goals are understood and honored. You are part of an organization that appreciates and rewards excellence in all its forms. You are financially empowered to conduct your individual practice as you see fit and are compensated through an equally-applied formula that involves individual productivity minus practice expenses. In addition, you are provided with an excellent administrative support structure, freeing you up to spend more time practicing the kind of medicine that you desire. 

Texas Health Care Membership Requirements:

  • Must be licensed to practice medicine in the state of Texas
  • Must have privileges at one of the major North Texas hospitals
  • Must be insurable by Medical Protective – the malpractice carrier for all of our physicians
  • Board approval of a formal application

Frequently Asked Questions

For further information, contact:
Corey Harriman, RVP of Performance
(817) 378-3633

Joining Texas Health Care is one of the best professional decisions I have made. I have freedom that I would not have if I were part of a hospital group. I became a doctor in order to care for my patients to make them well and keep them healthy - being part of Texas Health Care allows me to do just that.

From a member physician