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Privia Delivers Health Care Value

Privia Medical Group North Texas (PMGNTX), a multi-specialty group of more than 370 health care providers, offers a lot of advantages for its patients – as well as for health care professionals, employers and insurance carriers.   

PMGNTX is part of Privia Health, a physician group with provider networks across ten states serving more than four million patients.  PMGNTX includes the 145 physicians of Texas Health Care (THC), a multispecialty group founded more than 20 years ago. 

Here’s a look at the ways that PMGNTX brings value to stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem in North Texas. 

Value for Patients

Are you looking for a doctor?  If so and you live in North Texas, you have a lot of choices. The DFW Metroplex – in this case, defined as Dallas and Tarrant counties, plus the nine bordering counties – are home to 20,050 physicians with active medical licenses.   That number does not even include the many Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners who also provide health care services for patients. 

With so many choices, you have the power to be selective. 

The Patient Comes First

At PMGNTX, the patient comes first.  Always.  We pride ourselves on providing exceptional care to every patient, every time. 

We think that’s what health care should be about – outstanding patient care that not only makes you better when you’re sick but works just as hard to keep you well. 

PMGNTX gives our physicians the autonomy and resources to provide top-quality health care to patients – and as a result, our physicians are laser-focused on their patients’ health and wellness.  Our proactive, evidence-based care utilizes the latest technologies and advancements in medicine. 

Having a medical home should mean something, and that’s why the patient is always the central focus and can expect unhurried, comprehensive visits that allow the time necessary to develop an individualized care plan. 

High-Quality Medical Care

Patients give high marks to PMGNTX for its approach to health care: a 2022 customer satisfaction survey revealed that 88.7% of patients said they would recommend their doctor to their friend. 

Additionally, random sample surveys of THC/PMGNTX patients have yielded more than 55,000 5-star reviews, with an average patient review of 4.81 out of 5. 

Privia doctors are routinely recognized by their patients and their peers as some of the best in their fields.  With physicians caring for patients in nearly 30 specialty areas – and with locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex – PMGNTX stands ready to meet your family’s health care needs. 

PMGNTX physicians are nationally recognized as some of the top in their fields.  Each year, dozens of PMGNTX physicians are listed on peer-selected “Top Doctors” lists across the Metroplex, due to their reputations as leaders in medicine. 


PMGNTX patients have 24/7 access to their secure health records.  Patients may request prescription refills online, request and receive same-day or next day appointments and receive care reminders and alerts.  Patients can also send and receive secure messages with their care teams and make secure, online payments.

Privia primary care providers also offer virtual visits for their patients.  This is a key convenience factor that has proven valuable for busy patients. 


One of the frustrations both patients and doctors have with hospital system-affiliated practices is that the patient is essentially forced into having any surgeries, procedures or labs done at that particular hospital and its affiliated locations. 

Privia physicians have admitting privileges at multiple hospitals across the Metroplex and are free to pursue privileges wherever they like.  This approach provides greater flexibility, convenience and health care quality for our patients.  They also have the power to refer their patients as they see fit. 

Value for Health Care Professionals

If you are a health care professional – a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, lab technician, administrative support or any other profession in health care – you’re in a booming region for the health care industry, giving you many potential employment options.  Here’s why Privia should be on your shortlist. 

One attribute that always appeals to doctors is that PMGNTX consolidates the administrative functions of the modern medical office in a central business office.  This frees up physicians from the time-consuming and often frustrating chores of dealing with insurance companies and regulatory red tape. 

“Since I joined Privia, I spend far less time dealing with billing and other administrative issues,” says Dr. Ronald Blair, a pediatrician with offices in Mesquite and Frisco.  “As a result, I have more time to devote to growing my practice and giving my patients the level of attention and care they deserve.  Privia’s model really helps physicians better deliver value-based care.” 

Value-Based Care

Value-based care is based on the premise that health care providers should be incentivized to keep patients healthy, thereby decreasing patient utilization of health care services and reducing costs.  For the last several years, PMGNTX has been a leader in adopting value-based care practices. 

In 2019, PMGNTX’s accountable care organization (ACO), Privia Quality Network–Central Texas, achieved $3 million in shared savings through the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) while receiving an above-average quality score of 94%.  The PMGNTX ACO currently serves 8,480 patients through MSSP. 

Across all of its ACOs, Privia Health Group delivered $99.9 million in shared savings through MSSP in 2021. 

Financial Strength

Whether you are a physician, a nurse or business-side healthcare executive, you want to be part of an organization that is on sound financial footing and well-positioned for the future.  That’s Privia. 

Privia’s provider groups across ten states all share a single taxpayer identification number (TIN).  This is a key strength when it comes to negotiating with payers on behalf of providers. 

Additionally, Privia Health has zero debt and a healthy cash balance sheet, positioning it well for future growth. 

Community Involvement

PMGNTX physicians and employees work hard to make North Texas a better place to live. Several PMGNTX physicians serve on the faculty of the Texas Christian University Medical School in Fort Worth, helping train the next generation of doctors.

PMGNTX physicians frequently volunteer their time and skills to various community causes and events, such as the Presbyterian Night Shelter, American Heart Association, Colorectal Cancer Awareness and the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, just to name a few. 

Value for Employers & Insurers

If you’re an employer or an insurance carrier looking to fortify your provider network for your employees or policyholders, you have lot of different groups to consider for inclusion. 

There is a reason that PMGNTX is included in all major insurer networks in North Texas.  As described above, our doctors and staff provide a lot of value for our patients.  With a focus not only on making people better when they are ill but also on keeping them healthy in the first place, PMGNTX is a great resource to have on your team.  In the long run, Privia’s value-based approach means less lost productivity due to illness and lower health care costs. 

Putting the Patient First

According to Dr. Larry Tatum, President and CEO of PMGNTX, the guiding principle behind the group’s success is straightforward: put patients first and let doctors be doctors.  “Health care should always be about what’s best for the patient – unfortunately, sometimes our industry has lost sight of that,” he says.  “At Privia, we serve our patients well by empowering our doctors to focus on health care, not paperwork and bureaucracy.” 

This article has been reviewed and approved by a panel of Privia Medical Group North Texas physicians. 

This article contains information sourced from:

The Texas Medical Board

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